Control in the Care of Vulnerable Children

Long-Format Courses for More Complex Risks

Our team deliver longer-format courses of 2 or 3 or more days.  These courses are designed for physical intervention and de-escalation skills in medium and higher-risk care services for children.  Specialist modules are taught which enable staff to deal professionally with high-risk challenging behaviour from children with:

  • special educational needs or difficulties
  • emotional or behavioural difficulties
  • autistic spectrum disorder

These courses begin with a discussion of behavioural mapping (using the Kaplan/Wheeler model as a starting point) and then move towards values-based verbalisation skills.   These templates are useful for dealing with different scenarios which arise (moving past resistance, gaining cooperation, exploring feelings, dealing with verbal aggression and more).

We then work with proxemics (position and body language for safety) and naturally introduce last-resort holding skills or disengagement methods which may be appropriate for different circumstances.  The holding and physical control methods taught range from Non-Harmful to More Restrictive holding techniques which can be used as part of a hierarchy of control to create safety in situations where there is a serious risk of harm.

Examples of services who have booked this Conflict Care and Control training from us in the past are:

  • care homes for looked-after young people
  • care homes who look after children with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
  • care services for young people leaving care (supported housing)
  • Respite services for young people with Learning Disabilities or Autism

The courses cover core material from Ofqual-recognised awarding-body certified training courses in Positive Handling or Care and Control which are on the national QCF framework, for example the:

Level 2 Award in Disengagement and Non-Restrictive Physical Intervention Skills

Level 2 Award in Disengagement and Restrictive Physical Intervention Skills

For more information about these courses please visit the following Dynamis group website pages:

Conflict Management and De-Escalation

Breakaway and Disengagement Skills

Physical Intervention Control and Restraint

Holding Skills for the Control of Vulnerable Children in Care

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