Training for Alternative Provision and PRU schools.

  • de-escalation of crisis events 
  • disruptive, disengaged, distressed pupils 
  • Physically dangerous behaviours
  • practice based on real scenarios
  • reduce risk to staff, children and organisation  
  • promote an ethos of dignity and respect
  • Popular and Proven for Positive Handling in Alternative Settings 

    Our Positive Handling training reduces injury risk, improves inspection compliance and safeguards staff, children and your school’s reputation.

    We are an Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) Quality Award Centre (#2201) for the delivery of conflict and interventions training.

    We achieve this using a robust Positive Handling decision-making framework based on all the relevant legislation and National Guidance for Positive Handling, coupled with a modern, pragmatic approach to the holding and containment of children whose behaviour might harm themselves or others.

    Your specialist team are probably dealing with increasingly Challenging Behaviour of different kinds and with varying, complex causes. 

    You may be doing this with fewer staff than before and more children who have needs across a broader spectrum of behaviour, specifically with more risk of violence. You may be seeing a changing demographic in your school with pupils who have an even greater need for confident staff who can engage with them successfully.

    It may even be the case that your staff team are asking for more robust physical protective alternatives for those situations when words alone fail to create safety.

    We can help.

    Happy Alternative provision school clients

    made the learning accessible...

    “Gerard made the learning accessible and was able to cater for scenarios that may occur in the environment. Gerard answered questions by quoting cases that had been in the public eye to bring home the danger of some situations “

    Alternative Provision Trainer // Koru Education Alternative Provision

    informative and very professional...

    “Very informative and very professional and the language used was very careful to avoid problems when restraining someone appropriately. The way it was delivered was interesting and a lot of demonstrations etc. and opportunity to ask questions.”

    Pastoral Manager // the east manchester academy

    a tremendously helpful course...

    "Great mix of practical and theoretical learning. Focus on spotting first signs of possible violent behavious and preventing the situation from becoming violent. Learning how to assess the situation, stay calm and not get involved emotionally was really important for me and strengthened by gaining a legislative and practical knowledge. All theoretical learning was clear and directed on learning how to asses the situation and how to balance the response. It was a tremendously helpful course.

    It meant a lot that the trainers commented on how it will be more difficult in practice – for example how it will be difficult to escort out a person who has an adrenaline rush and is moving. It was a fantastic course. It would be great to have some links to further research or outside of school training suggested.  Those are just the cherries, the course was excellent!"

    deputy Head teacher // cavendish School Alternative Provision

    Client Satisfaction

    We monitor thousands of learner surveys each year to help with our quality assurance processes through the ICM.  Here are some of the recent statistics about our courses.

    Met or Exceeded Expectations

    Course Quality

    Trainer Good or Excellent

    Trainer Quality

    Relevant and Appropriate

    Content of Course

    Features of our positive handling approach:

    1. 1
      Values-Driven Our aim is that every person in your school is treated with dignity and shown respect, even when things get difficult.
    2. 2
      Through collaborations with sector specialists, we design and deliver research-informed training which transfers effectively to your classrooms and corridors.
    1. 3
      Legally and Medically Audited We have continually updated our advice and content with input from medical, legal and education specialists.
    2. 4
      Quality Assured  Our training is accredited by the Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) and we hold Quality Award Centre status (#2201) with regular audits and trainer CPD.

    Gerard O'Dea //  Director of Training

    Welcome to our Positive Handling and Positive Behaviour training offering, which has since 2006 represented the cutting-edge of verbal and physical interventions training for thousands of schools across the country.

    Our values include treating every person with dignity by showing them respect and making it safer for everyone, verbally wherever we can and physically only if we must.

    I hope you will explore the different options we have created for you to access our cutting-edge courses, offering you the very best quality training and advice for your team who look after the most vulnerable children in our communities.

    Gerard O'Dea

    How is Dynamis Positive Handling training different?

    As a pioneer in using online training for positive handling we understand how to get the best out of this format, for your busy school and your in-demand staff!

    Uniquely flexible to your needs

    We have 5 different formats for you to choose from, we work hard to fit into your schedule, your budget and your work - your partner in behaviour management and positive handling.

     dedicated to authentic learning

    Through our collaboration with Loughborough University faculty, we design and deliver training which has the highest degree of transfer to your working environment.

    trauma-informed and responsive

    Through our partnership with NAOTP we are committed to being trauma-aware as a team and our problem-solving approach recognises 'all behaviour has meaning'.


    Your staff need skills and knowledge which will help you with YOUR specific children and behaviours, so our approach is focused on solving YOUR positive handling issues. See SCENA for more information.

    Create safe classrooms and safeguard children.

    Why choose Dynamis?

    Greater confidence in your staff team’s ability to deescalate and prevent situations from becoming violent, while also having more effective tactics for creating safety when children and young people’s behaviour does escalate into higher-risk scenarios.

    • De-Escalation
    • Trauma-Aware
    • Managing Behaviour
    • Duty of Care
    • Balancing Risk 
    • Dept Education Guidance
    • Best Practice
    • Common Scenarios
    • Protective interventions

    Our  training covers a variety of the most common scenarios which staff in school face when they must deal with behaviour or risk, and gives straight answers to frequently asked questions.

    How we help your team:

    • Enabling with a decision-making framework 
    • Balancing duty of care
    • Clarity on best practice 
    • Robust legally-audited advice
    • Cutting-edge learning methodology 
    • Modern best practice
    • Relevant and Appropriate tactics

    The two key elements of positive handling


    KNOWLEDGE and THEORY elements.

    Your staff are guided through 12 key decision-making factors which are fundamental to good practice in the area of Positive Handling. This Online Learning component may be particularly helpful for schools who have unnecessarily booked Whole-School training in the past.


    Our trainer will then lead your staff through the verbal models for conflict communications and the physical Positive Handling tactics they may need at the higher levels of risk in practical sessions where repetition and embedding the skills is our aim.

    The Learning Outcomes for our Positive Handling Courses

    Your staff will explore and develop an understanding of:

    ✔ Health and Safety provisions for managing safety in the school workplace (Duty of Care).

    ✔ Department of Education Guidance on “The use of Reasonable Force with pupils” for Positive Handling

    ✔ Definitions of Powers from Education & Inspection Act Section 93 for the use of restraint and Positive Handling

    ✔ Communications De-Escalation Principles for Common Positive Handling Scenarios in Schools.

    ✔ Practical risk-reduction to protect and safeguard school staff and their pupils during Positive Handling

    ✔ Importance of Positive Behaviour Support plans and Positive Handling Plans for pupils

    ✔ The risks inherent in Restraint/Positive Handling interventions and how to reduce or avoid them.

    ✔ Positive Handling Control, Escort and Restraint Techniques for Non-Harmful Control of Children and Young People

    World-class client feedback

    Our client and learner satisfaction surveys have consistently been extrmely positive, even as we have grown to be an ever-more popular provider of Positive Handling and De-Escalation training.  Watch the video to learn about our most recent results!

    Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence, assuring you of our quality and commitment to standards.

    Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict. Vistelar's methodology stretches back over 25 years in successfully resolving conflict.

    Dynamis employs SCENA - a cutting-edge approach to training design and delivery which is scenario-driven and task-focussed, making your scenarios into the curriculum, ensuring that your training meets the needs of your staff and the children you look after.