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You may want to try out a few of the videos from our full online positive handling course, with unique content designed and delivered by our Director of Training Gerard O'Dea, expert witness, author and veteran trainer in the areas of behaviour management, positive handling and restraint reduction.  In these selected few lessons from the online course, you will experience how we create learning through the online experience for your teams.  We hope it is beneficial and useful for you as you consider the needs of your school or setting.

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Welcome to Positive Handling from Dynamis

Gerard O'Dea introduces the course to you and lets you know what we will be covering.

Emergencies and Planned Interventions - What's the difference?

Gerard O'Dea discusses the idea of 'near miss' in health and safety terms, how we can recognise them and what we should do when one happens?

What are the options if I really need to intervene?

Gerard O'Dea discusses the 4 different ways in which force can be used in a school setting - if force is indeed necessary - giving staff the choice between options as to how they might respond to a situation.

Example: The story of teacher Mr. Adams

As an educational company on the leading edge of instructional design, we want to teach more and more often through scenarios and story-based narratives.  This story is a great example of how we can learn key lessons from people who have 'been there' and had to make key decisions.

Example: The story of deputy head Mr. Cope

People learn really well when they can follow a story and see how other people made key decisions, so we have incorporated the lessons from real-life circumstances that we have been made aware of, where teachers and members of SLT have had to make 'crucial calls' - the results of which can be very instructional!

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