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July 2, 2019

July 2, 2019

Director of Training Gerard O’Dea recently delivered a series of sessions at a very large secondary school in Kent for over 160 staff in total.   The comments below are from the senior leadership team who attended and reflect the customised information, specific to the needs and issues which modern secondary schools face.  The school booked a short but interactive workshop about de-escalation for the whole school staff, which was scheduled for the mid-afternoon, and it was followed by a more intimate training engagement with the pastoral and behaviour/inclusion team at the school for a discussion about the higher-risk scenarios which the school senior leadership team were concerned about.

Our online feedback gathering system received the following comments in the days following the session, reflecting the impressions of the Senior Leadership (SLT) team after the training engagement.

“Both sessions were superb – Top training”Senior Assistant Headteacher

“Gerard was professional, knowledgeable and incredibly experienced. The training was bespoke and personalised to the needs of our school’s context.” – Deputy Headteacher – Engagement, Values and Ethos

“It covered everything we needed.” – Assistant Headteacher

“Practical information, excellent delivery and highlighted areas we hadn’t even considered.” – Deputy Headteacher

“Informative and gives you the facts about legislation” – Senior Assistant Headteacher

“The de-escalation strategies will hopefully give teachers the skills to deal with SEN students with more thought.” – SENCO

“It was a professional, informative and interactive facilitation, which will be of future benefit to my role at the school” – Assistant Headteacher

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