October 17

How Incivility, rudeness and disrespect are damaging our workplaces and maybe our schools

The effects of incivility in our workplace

“I studied the effects of incivility on people. What is incivility? It’s disrespect or rudeness. It includes a lot of different behaviors, from mocking or belittling someone to teasing people in ways that sting, to telling offensive jokes to texting in meetings.”

Here is Christine Poarth’s TED talk about her research and how she feels we can combat these ugly parts of human behaviour.

What struck me about this talk is that it reflects perfectly the Ethical interventions component of our Vistelar Conflict Management programme which is so relevant for schools.

It has been said that is easier to stop a smoldering fire than a raging inferno. The same is true about inappropriate language or conduct. It is easier to stop an incident while is still developing into a problem than to respond to full-fledged inappropriate or out-of-control behavior. Learn some key phrases that put the damper on “bad” behavior and when to use them. When applied early, these pre-ethical intervention phrases can save both you and your co-workers from a great deal of report writing time, in court suffering, and unemployed heart ache. Watch Gary Klugiewicz in this video and learn these magic phrases.



behaviour management, conflict management, de-escalation, intervention policy, school staff safety, verbalisation skills

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