October 17

How to not escalate things in your first contact with the child

Hello. My name is Katie Dill, and I’m a trainer with Vistelar. I have also had many careers during my lifetime. One, college athletics. Another one, I’ve worked in treatment facilities, and I’ve worked with adolescents from the ages of 14 to 22 with mental health issues. Finally, I am currently a special education teacher within the educational realm. Today, I’m here to talk to you about the universal greeting, and I was wondering, have you ever thought of how to make an appropriate initial greeting to set off your conversation and your situation in the right light?

Today, I want to go over the four important points of the universal greeting. Number one is the appropriate greeting. I gave you one here: hello. Number two, my name and my affiliation. I’m Katie Dill, and I work with Vistelar. Number three, the reason for the contact, and I gave you that one, which was that we’re going to talk about the universal greeting today. And finally the relevant question, which is, have you ever wondered how to make an appropriate initial greeting. I want to go over also the really important parts of this, of why we do this. The first one is it’s a positive beginning. It’s a positive start to your interaction.

The second thing is it builds rapport with that person. You’re asking them a question, you’re enticing them into that conversation. It’s not one-way. Finally, the last reason why this is so vital to what we do, and that it helps you begin to gather information about what’s going on. You very quickly from the universal greeting can tell, is this conflictual, is there a problem going on here, is something sneaky about this person? Or, rather, is this going to go good, and we’re just going to have a good day, and I’m just helping the person get on to their next thing. Like I said, universal greeting is a very vital part of what we do at Vistelar as a way that, if you take this one thing away, you’ll have less conflict within your daily life.


Team Dynamis Ltd. is the UK representative for Vistelar Conflict Management Training since 2014.

To learn how your organisation can benefit from this modern, evidence-based approach to learning how to professionally manage conflict, please visit: www.dynamis.training/vistelar to learn more.

Train-the-Trainer opportunities may be coming up in the near future which would allow you and your organisation to bring these leading Conflict Management, Crisis Intervention and Personal Safety concepts and practices into your organisation.


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