Short Format and Twilight Sessions with Pre-Course Online Training

Blended Positive Handling training

Blended Training using the best features of both online and in-person training to get a great learning result, this options is best for Twilight and Short-Format sessions.

A highly popular training format for time-sensitive training needs.

We train your team using a blended approach: 

90 minutes of self-paced learning for your learners in their own time, THEN we visit with you in-person for an intensive 3-hour training experience which is scenario-driven by the specific issues you face as a school.

  • De-Escalation
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Duty of Care
  • Balancing Risk 
  • Dept Education Guidance
  • Best Practice
  • Common Holding Scenarios

Can we lift and carry a child from one area to another?

Should I ever attempt to restrain a child by myself?

What is good practice if I see two children fighting?

Should I remove a child who is climbing on top of bookcases?

What can we do about children who are 'runners'?

Client Satisfaction

We monitor thousands of learner surveys each year to help with our quality assurance processes through the ICM.  Here are some of the recent statistics about our courses.

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Gerard O'Dea //  Director of Training

Welcome to our Blended Online/In-Person training offering, which has since 2014 represented the cutting-edge of Positive Handling training for hundreds of schools across the country.

I hope you will explore the opportunities it provides to reduce cost, time expenditure and staff resources for your school, while offering the very best quality training experience for your team who look after the most vulnerable children in our communities.

Gerard O'Dea

How does Blended/In Person Training work?

As a pioneer in using online training for positive handling we understand how to get the best out of this format, for your busy school and your in-demand staff!

Unique online training courseware

We create all of our own content, which is audited legally and medically risk-assessed for suitability for children in schools.

Engaging Video and knowledge-check online

We continually update the look, feel and content of our online training to achieve the best possible learning results for your teams.

In-person visit

We use a proprietary training approach which is scenario-driven and task-focussed, to bring maximum transfer from the training room to your classrooms, dinner times and corridors!

Scenario-Driven training

Your staff need skills and knowledge which will help you with YOUR specific children and behaviours, so our approach is focused on solving YOUR positive handling issues.

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Features of our Online / Blended approach:

  1. 1
    Uses your time and resource efficiently
    As many of our learners have realised, previewing the material allows them more opportunities to authentically learn. 
  2. 2
    Covers All the Theory and Knowledge 
    Your staff will learn Decision-Making, Crisis Behaviour Patterns, Best Practice Approaches and Government Guidance for Positive Handling
  1. 3
    Flexible for Your Staff to Learn on their Own
    Our Blended Learning is divided into 5 Units of learning, each taking about 15-20 minutes each and can be taken in self-paced bite-size chunks.
  2. 4
    Scored, Recorded and Auditable for You
    Your team are scored as they progress through the online training and can print off an 'online' theory and knowledge certificate once they achieve the pass mark. 

Join hundreds of Happy school clients

aspects could be referred to rather than spend time...

“it was good to do the online questions and learning before the course as it meant that aspects could be referred to rather than spend time going through. it also meant you got thinking about what you wanted from the course. the techniques were put across in an excellent way, and the next day the staff put into practise what had been taught. we worked together as a team and felt empowered as all of us had had the same training and knew what was expected of us.”

Classroom Teacher // Sussex

really valuable having as much time as we did

“we appreciated the tailoring of the course to include de-escalation and talking around this as well as the physical intervention itself. it was well worth doing the online training element ahead of time as it was really valuable having as much time as we did to work practically. gerard answered our questions fully and talked specifically about some of the children we have particular concerns about (eg very young children in nursery). thank you”

SENCO  //  Peterborough

online course material supported US

“support and advice given to practices used in early years settings brilliant. safety highlighted to protect ourselves and our subjects in various scenarios - online course material supported and the knowledge was recapped in class with visual notes and explained”

EYFS Teacher  //  North London

How does Blended Positive Handling work?

How does Blended Training Work (Online + In Person)


Twilight sessions can reduce the need to allocate large amounts of time and budget to Positive Handling training.

Our unique online learning option allows you to have your staff complete our Online Positive Handling Course before our qualified physical interventions trainer visits with you, cutting your contact-time investment in this training by half. The online courseware, designed and developed by our training team exclusively for our school clients, requires about 90 minutes of staff time and takes them through four units of learning.

Through online video and knowledge-checking activities, your staff are guided through 12 key decision-making factors which are fundamental to good practice in the area of Positive Handling. This Online Learning component may be particularly helpful for schools who have unnecessarily booked Whole-School training in the past.


Once we have your staff established on a baseline level of understanding through this online learning, our training team can come and run a very focussed twilight (or half-day) session for your group. After confirming the online learning in-person and taking the inevitable questions from your team to achieve proper clarity, our trainer will then lead your staff through the verbal models for conflict communications and the physical Positive Handling tactics they may need at the higher levels of risk in practical sessions where repetition and embedding the skills is our aim.

Our Holding Skills are designed to comply with manual handling regulations while offering the appropriate amount of control, and being sensitive to the needs of the child and protecting staff from distressed behaviours which could hurt them.

Our Positive Handling Twilight approach covers approach and engagement phases, the initial control and protection element of many interventions and of course the holding or restraint interventions. Along the way we will discuss behaviour, communications and verbal skills for de-escalation.


The Learning Outcomes for our Positive Handling Twilight + Online Course are EXACTLY the same as for our Full Day course,

Your staff will explore and develop an understanding of:

✔ Health and Safety provisions for managing safety in the school workplace (Duty of Care).

✔ Department of Education Guidance on “The use of Reasonable Force with pupils” for Positive Handling

✔ Definitions of Powers from Education & Inspection Act Section 93 for the use of restraint and Positive Handling

✔ Communications De-Escalation Principles for Common Positive Handling Scenarios in Schools.

✔ Practical risk-reduction to protect and safeguard school staff and their pupils during Positive Handling

✔ Importance of Positive Behaviour Support plans and Positive Handling Plans for pupils

✔ The risks inherent in Restraint/Positive Handling interventions and how to reduce or avoid them.

✔ Positive Handling Control, Escort and Restraint Techniques for Non-Harmful Control of Children and Young People

World-class client feedback

Our client and learner satisfaction surveys have consistently been extrmely positive, even as we have grown to be an ever-more popular provider of Positive Handling and De-Escalation training.  Watch the video to learn about our most recent results!

Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence, assuring you of our quality and commitment to standards.

Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict. Vistelar's methodology stretches back over 25 years in successfully resolving conflict.

Dynamis employs SCENA - a cutting-edge approach to training design and delivery which is scenario-driven and task-focussed, making your scenarios into the curriculum, ensuring that your training meets the needs of your staff and the children you look after.