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Thank you so much for agreeing to write a reference letter  / testimonial for our training!    I really appreciate your support of our efforts and with this help, we will be able to help more schools and education services to keep their children, their staff and their organisation safe when dealing with distressed or challenging behaviours.

ABOVE are two options for you:

  1.  Option One is a free-form webpage which will allow you to write your own letter without any prompts or questions from us.  It will be all your own work and we really appreciate the time and effort that you would spend on this option as it will be unique, genuine and very heart-felt way of describing your thoughts about how our training helped you and your staff.
  2. Option Two is a survey-type webpage which ‘builds’ a reference letter by asking you a series of questions, from which – using your answers – we can construct a reference letter.   It is an easy, quick and (hopefully) accurate way of garnering your feelings about our training, without requiring you to devote your scarce time to the task.

Take your pick and – above all – I hope you enjoy reflecting on the training event with Dynamis and that you can help us to help more teams like yours.

Best Regards,


Ger Safe Caring orig copy


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