More than double, and yet the numbers all improved! Last year we collected more than double the number of learner surveys than in the previous year, to find out how we are doing. I watch these feedback surveys come in to the business every single day and watch for trends as part of our quality assurance, but once a year we take stock and look at the whole picture.

Are we making a difference for teaching staff and their senior leadership teams?

Are we helping them, practically, to deal with the challenges of aggression and violence in their school settings?

All but one of our already-good numbers improved last year (and the one that didn’t was just 0.8% off). It is great encouragement, as we make significant changes and advances in how we design and deliver training interventions.

We are in the business of helping all the classroom teacher, teaching assistants, learning support assistants, SENCOs and our client schools to create spaces which are incompatible with violence.