Online Training in Positive Handling

Over 3,000 learners have completed online training with Dynamis since 2014. We are experienced in delivering REAL LEARNING remotely and online for your teams.

Popular online training to create safe classrooms and safeguard children.

We train your team using a tried and trusted online system giving staff self-paced learning using video tutorials, specialist input and two-way communication tools which help you to Keep Everyone Safe at your school.

Learning remotely may be the best way available during the Covid restrictions to show compliance and make sure your staff are making the best possible decisions.

  • De-Escalation
  • Managing Behaviour
  • Duty of Care
  • Balancing Risk 
  • Dept Education Guidance
  • Best Practice
  • Common Scenarios

Our online training covers a variety of the most common scenarios which staff in school face when they must deal with behaviour or risk, and gives straight answers to frequently asked questions.

Can we lift and carry a child from one area to another?

Should I ever attempt to restrain a child by myself?

What is good practice if I see two children fighting?

Should I remove a child who is climbing on top of bookcases?

What can we do about children who are 'runners'?

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A Proven approach to Online Training 

  1. 1
    Engaging Video Tutorials Focusing on your most common Positive Handling issues, our video tutorials help you to follow good practice and make safe decisions
  2. 2
    Bite-Sized Modules We know that staff need to fit this online learning into their own schedules, so we have broken the learning into easily-managed modules - learn at your own pace.
  1. 3
    Knowledge Check  Each module of online learning is completed with a short quiz which helps to focus on key points and is fully scored for auditing.
  2. 4
    Submit your Questions  .Your course includes Frequently Asked Questions and a facility to submit specific issues or questions from your school which we will answer directly for you. 

Client Satisfaction

We monitor thousands of learner surveys each year to help with our quality assurance processes through the ICM.  Here are some of the recent statistics about our courses.

Met or Exceeded Expectations

Course Quality

Trainer Good or Excellent

Trainer Quality

Relevant and Appropriate

Content of Course

Gerard O'Dea //  Director of Training

Welcome to our online Positive Handling training offering, which has since 2014 trained thousands of staff in schools across the country in the verbal and physical interventions appropriate for managing potentially harmful behaviours in schools.

Our values include treating every person with dignity by showing them respect and making it safer for everyone, verbally wherever we can and physically only if we must.

I hope you will explore the different options we have created for you to access our cutting-edge courses online, offering you the very best quality training and advice for your team who look after the most vulnerable children in our communities.

Gerard O'Dea

Join hundreds of Happy school clients

Aspects can be referred to...

“It was good to do the online questions and learning before the course as it meant that aspects could be referred to rather than spend time going through. it also meant you got thinking about what you wanted from the course. The techniques were put across in an excellent way, and the next day the staff put into practise what had been taught. We worked together as a team and felt empowered as all of us had had the same training and knew what was expected of us.”

class Teacher // East Sussex

Positive Handling Training from Dynamis

Well worth doing the online training...

“We appreciated the tailoring of the course to include de-escalation and talking around this as well as the physical intervention itself. It was well worth doing the online training element ahead of time as it was really valuable having as much time as we did to work practically. Gerard answered our questions fully and talked specifically about some of the children we have particular concerns about."

Senco   //  Special Needs School - Peterborough

Time to Reflect...

"I particularly liked the fact that the “theory” was on-line and i did this the day before the face-to-face training. it meant i had had time to reflect on my knowledge and the session did not feel like there was too much information in one go. Very good trainer.”

Assistant head Teacher  //  Croydon

Online Now, In-Person Later

Leveraging online courseware and meeting technology to meet your immediate needs NOW.

Your staff may need immediate guidance and tactics now so we have structured our online course to give you the essential decision-making, understanding and best-practice approaches NOW.

Follow-up with an in-person training visit when you can have us come to your school.

When you are ready, our trainer can visit you and your team to lead an intensive practice-session, with individualised feedback and scenario-specific answers to meet the needs of your children in your context.

The Learning Outcomes for our Positive Handling Courses

Your staff will explore and develop an understanding of:

✔ Health and Safety provisions for managing safety in the school workplace (Duty of Care) and How to Make the Safest Decision.

✔ Department of Education Guidance on “The use of Reasonable Force with pupils” for Positive Handling. When to (and When NOT) to physically intervene.

✔ Definitions of Powers from Education & Inspection Act Section 93 for the use of restraint and Positive Handling.

✔ Communications De-Escalation Principles for Common Positive Handling Scenarios in Schools - tried and trusted from our Vistelar approach.

✔ Practical risk-reduction to protect and safeguard school staff and their pupils during Positive Handling, including examples.

✔ Importance of Positive Behaviour Support plans and Positive Handling Plans for pupils in line with KCSiE guidance and best practice.

✔ The risks inherent in Restraint/Positive Handling interventions and how to reduce or avoid them.

✔ Positive Handling Control, Escort and Restraint Techniques for Non-Harmful Control of Children and Young People, including information about children of different sizes, the different roles of staff, the variety of spaces in your school, your staff mix, the different levels of risk and specific complex behaviours from your most vulnerable children.

World-class client feedback

Our client and learner satisfaction surveys have consistently been extrmely positive, even as we have grown to be an ever-more popular provider of Positive Handling and De-Escalation training.  Watch the video to learn about our most recent results!

Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence, assuring you of our quality and commitment to standards.

Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict. Vistelar's methodology stretches back over 25 years in successfully resolving conflict.

Dynamis employs SCENA - a cutting-edge approach to training design and delivery which is scenario-driven and task-focussed, making your scenarios into the curriculum, ensuring that your training meets the needs of your staff and the children you look after.