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Positive Handling Video Samples

Your staff face difficult, distressed and sometimes dangerous behaviour at school. Our Positive Handling training helps you to respond professionally to those incidents and keep everyone safe at your school.

The Positive Handling Video samples on this page offer you some insight into the type of information we cover on our courses and shows the breadth of elements which are involved in this topic. Whether doing pre-course online study or participating in a session delivered by one of our qualified and competent trainers, we hope your staff will be challenged and motivated by this training.

We use videos like these thoroughly on our online training for positive handling, alongside customised quiz technology which help us to challenge your staff to learn the decision-making framework we use and to evidence their grasp of the material after the training course is finished.

We are passionate about delivering positive handling training which safeguards both teaching staff and children. Start by getting in touch with us today to discuss your needs and how we can help your school to manage Positive Handling effectively and professionally.