Meet Our People

We are a team of highly specialist trainers, supported by world-class client management and a training development team.

Director of Training

Gerard O'Dea

Gerard is responsible for developing our training programmes to meet the needs of our clients and ensuring that Dynamis stays at the forefront of training provision.

Client Management

Steve O'Dea

Steve is responsible for listening to our clients and customers about their training needs, schedules and budgets and matching them with our programmes.

training advisor

Prof. Chris Cushion

Prof. Cushion provides training design and delivery advice to our team based on over 30 years of expertise in coaching and pedagogy.

national training lead

Zeb Glover

Zeb has been a member of our training team since 2007 and is one of the most experienced trainers in the country.

"Great trainer, interesting, helpful, steady learning pace, well delivered, learned a lot from it. Zeb was a great instructor and learnt a lot from the day."

midlands lead trainer

Heidi Wroe

Heidi is one of our most popular trainers and has visited hundreds of schools as our Positive Handling training team.

"Heidi was knowledgeable, appreciative of the need for people to share their experiences and gave a great mix of legislative information and practical experience to all candidates."

london area lead trainer

Alex Hunter

Alex uses his insights into autism and behaviour to help many of our clients who look after vulnerable people. 

"Alex was succinct, humourous, very well prepared and kept the course uplifting and fun. It was the best course I have been on for a long time"


Keith Butchard

Keith has a wide variety of experience in responsible roles and brings a pragmatic, time-tested approach to training.

"First class course!. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course. Keith is an excellent tutor and has always got time to answer questions."

Gerard O'Dea //  Director of Training

Welcome to our Positive Handling and Positive Behaviour training offering, which has since 2006 represented the cutting-edge of verbal and physical interventions training for thousands of schools across the country.

Our values include treating every person with dignity by showing them respect and making it safer for everyone, verbally wherever we can and physically only if we must.

I hope you will explore the different options we have created for you to access our cutting-edge courses, offering you the very best quality training and advice for your team who look after the most vulnerable children in our communities.

Gerard O'Dea

How is Dynamis Positive Handling training different?

As a pioneer in using online training for positive handling we understand how to get the best out of this format, for your busy school and your in-demand staff!

Uniquely flexible to your needs

With no less than 5 different formats for each course we deliver, we work hard to fit into your schedule, your budget and your work - your partner in behaviour management and positive handling.

 dedicated to authentic learning

Through our collaboration with Loughborough University faculty, we design and deliver training which has the highest degree of transfer to your working environment.

trauma-informed and responsive

Through our partnership with NATP we are committed to being trauma-aware as a team and our problem-solving approach recognises 'all behaviour has meaning'.


Your staff need skills and knowledge which will help you with YOUR specific children and behaviours, so our approach is focused on solving YOUR positive handling issues. See SCENA for more information.

Client Satisfaction

We monitor thousands of learner surveys each year to help with our quality assurance processes through the ICM.  Here are some of the recent statistics about our courses.

Met or Exceeded Expectations

Course Quality

Trainer Good or Excellent

Trainer Quality

Relevant and Appropriate

Content of Course

World-class client feedback

Our client and learner satisfaction surveys have consistently been extrmely positive, even as we have grown to be an ever-more popular provider of Positive Handling and De-Escalation training.  Watch the video to learn about our most recent results!

Dynamis is a Quality Award Centre with the ICM, a recognised accrediting body in the U.K. for workplace training in the prevention and management of workplace violence, assuring you of our quality and commitment to standards.

Dynamis is the premier European Partner for Vistelar, a global consulting organisation covering training across the entire spectrum of human conflict. Vistelar's methodology stretches back over 25 years in successfully resolving conflict.

Dynamis employs SCENA - a cutting-edge approach to training design and delivery which is scenario-driven and task-focussed, making your scenarios into the curriculum, ensuring that your training meets the needs of your staff and the children you look after.