“Excellently delivered, full of common sense and informative. Great course,  would highly recommend”

-> Deputy Head Teacher @ Phoenix Place

“Professionalism and experience documenting scenarios - excellent”

-> Alternative Provision Manager @ The East Manchester Academy

“I found the course helpful. It has helped me feel more confident when conducting certain aspects of my role.“

-> Teacher @ Aspire Academy

Positive Handling Training in One Day

Our most popular Positive Handling course for schools.  We train a group of your staff in the knowledge, judgement and skills required to use physical interventions.

WHAT:  a tailored course for your school team which is based on the Department of Education Guidance on the Use of Reasonable Force.  It is based on an educationally accredited OFQUAL-recognised vocational qualifications in Positive Handling and subject to our Institute of Conflict Management Quality Award systems.

WHEN:   on a day of your choice for an INSET or Twilight session (see FORMATS above).

WHERE:  at your school, in a classroom or gym hall large enough to carry out the training safely

HOW LONG:     See the FORMATS tab alongside for options which suit you.

WHO:  Teachers, Learning & Support Assistants, Deputy Heads, Head Teachers, Governors can all benefit from this course.  Our typical groups are teams of up to – or multiples of – 12 staff.   We can by arrangement train whole-school groups.

WHY:  Matched to your Positive Handling needs  Led by Professional Positive HandlingTrainers  Legally Audited to match DofE Positive Handling Guidance ✓ Fully Risk-Assessed Positive Handling Training Plans ✓ Values Dignity and Respect for appropriate Positive Handling  Safeguards Children’s rights during Positive Handling interventions   Offers School Staff Practical Options for Positive Handling   Compliant with Positive Handling Government Regulations   Value for Your Positive Handling Investment

If your staff team are considering the restraint of a child at your school using physical interventions according to a positive handling plan, then our training will assist you in carrying out interventions in a lawful, professional and sensitive way which reduces overall risk.

Other course options include:

Your staff will explore and develop an understanding of:  ✔

✔ How to balance their own safety with the safety of the other children and that of the distressed child. (Duty of Care).

✔ How to comply with the Department of Education Guidance on “The use of Reasonable Force with pupils” for Positive Handling

✔ What Powers are granted to them by the Education & Inspection Act Section 93 for the use of restraint and Positive Handling

✔ How to effectively use Communications and De-Escalation Principles for Common Positive Handling Scenarios in Schools.

✔ How to physically protect and positively safeguard themselves, their colleagues and their pupils during high-risk incidents.

✔ To recognise the importance of Positive Behaviour Support plans and Positive Handling Plans for pupils

✔ How to identify, reduce and avoid the risks inherent in Restraint/Positive Handling interventions.

✔ Specific Physical Skills and tactical principles for how to achieve Positive Handling Control, Escort and Restraint in the pursuit of Non-Harmful Control of Children and Young People

We offer numerous options for training your staff:

One Full Day:   9.30am to 3.30pm on a day when you can release your team…

This option gives your staff the most practice time and question/answer time with the trainers.  Assimilation of the material and retention of the physical skills is optimal with this duration.  Schools will usually choose this option if they have a well-identified need for training in physical interventions with particular high-risk children. For dedicated SEN, Learning Disability or EBD settings we also have a 2-day option which is recommended for higher-risk care environments.

Half Day or Twilight Session:  AM, PM or After-School on ANY date convenient for your team…no need for an INSET day!

Sometimes a school with limited time, or with infrequent incidents at a low level of risk will need our concise half-day course.  We can use our online courseware, with individual logins, progress tracking and test scores based on video presentations and knowledge-checks to prepare your staff on the required knowledge and theory for positive handling, and then visit onsite with you on a convenient day to spend time developing the necessary physical skills to manage situations.   Half-Day and Twilight sessions can start at 0930 or 1230 or 1530 for example.  Flexible to your schedule!   Find out more…

60 min or 90 min Briefing:  when time is of the essence and you need basic information quickly…

This is a legal briefing on the rules and principles of physical interventions in school settings only, with no physical skills development for the staff.  It can be useful to establish a baseline of knowledge school-wide or to give the management team essential knowledge.  We sometimes begin one of the above options (a full or a half-day) with a Whole-School legal briefing to baseline your team’s understanding.

Popular:   A 90-minute information briefing in the AM for your whole-school, followed by specialist training in both decision-making AND physical skills over the rest of the training day for a “behaviour management team” hand-picked by your SLT.

Blending all of the above options:   for the best fit of critical information for the right teams…

Depending on where the risks have been identified, schools will blend all of the above to get the right level of training across all of their staff team.  Just get in touch to start a discussion about how we can best meet your needs and your budget.

Due to Gerard’s professionalism, knowledge and experience, I feel they gave me the confidence to use the skills I learnt during the session if the need should ever arise.

Inclusion Manager – Mainstream Primary – Jan 2019

Excellent trainer- engaging, good pace, good use of scenarios.  It was very practical and engaging. I especially liked the final session where we given different scenarios. Even though this made the heart rate go up, it made it more real and helpful as you had to think on the spot and apply what we had learned.

Class Teacher – Mainstream Primary – December 2018

Gerard made the learning accessible and was able to cater for scenarios that may occur in the environment. Gerard answered questions by quoting cases that had been in the public eye to bring home the danger of some situations

Deputy Head Teacher – Mainstream Primary – December 2018


Really well explained ideas and techniques backed up by academic theory. The day was very practical which help to internalise what we were taught. I’d have loved to have practised for even longer!  Very enjoyable and I learnt lots that I didn’t know before. Thank you.

Teaching Assistant – Mainstream Primary – November 2018

Have attended a different provider for physical restraint, your training was much better.

Classroom Teacher – Mainstream Primary – November 2018


Fantastic Learning Experience with excellent delivery !  The Trainer delivered the course very well and was very detailed and the contents of the course is very relevant and informative. He used everyday live experiences to elaborate on various contexts. Fantastic Learning Experience !

Teaching Assistant – Special School – October 2018

Our trainer was personable and knowledgeable, he supported and modelled techniques well helping us to gain confidence. An excellent course.

Deputy Head Teacher – Mainstream Primary – September 2018

Training was much more useful and practical than prior sessions I’ve been to on the same thing.

Teaching Assistant – Mainstream Primary – July 2018





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Take a look at our Feedback Survey Scores for the past year!

  • The training course from Dynamis fulfilled or exceeded expectations 99.6% 99.6%
  • Our instructor from Dynamis had a very good or excellent level of knowledge and competence 98.2% 98.2%
  • The theory and knowledge components helped me professionally 98.9% 98.9%
  • The techniques and tactics were appropriate to real scenarios in our work 98.6% 98.6%
  • Our Dynamis trainer observed good Health and Safety practices - the training was safe 100% 100%
  • The Dynamis training course was of the right duration to gain the skills and knowledge I needed 91.2% 91.2%

“Training is often VERY detailed and complex; what made the Dynamis training different – and better! – was that it was simple and clear. There wasn’t too much to remember and it was all taught and set within a framework of common sense and the practical day-to-day activities and situations that arise in a school.

The pre-course information around the legislation underpinning positive handling also gave me the confidence to know I am legally and professionally in a position to use positive handling without an excessive risk of negative repercussions.

I was able to put the training into practice immediately and, several weeks later, can still use the training without looking back at the materials. THANK YOU. “


Stoke On Trent, Smallthorne Primary School

Very thorough, well explained.  The practical was excellent and the theory work before was really good too!  Many thanks!

SEN Teaching Assistant

Barnet, North London

“Gerard was very professional at all times.  Recommended to our Head Teachers’ local delivery group – this training would benefit all of our local schools.  Excellent.  Thank you.”

Deputy Head Teacher


“Extremely useful insights into the laws behind the advice.  Good examples and easily followed advice.  Our children and staff will be safer.”

Learning Support Assistant