Positive Handling Video Samples:

Dynamis offers in-person full-day courses and courses which blend online learning with the in-person experience.  These Positive Handling Video samples offer some insight into the type of information we cover on our courses and shows the breadth of elements which are involved in this topic.  Whether doing pre-course work or participating in a session delivered by one of our qualified and competent trainers, we hope your staff will be challenged and motivated by this training.

We use videos like these thoroughly on our online training for positive handling, alongside customised quiz technology which help us to challenge your staff to learn the decision-making framework we use and to evidence their grasp of the material after the training course is finished.

We are passionate about delivering game-changing positive handling training which safeguards both teaching staff and children.  Make contact with us today to discuss your needs and how we can help your school to manage Positive Handling effectively and professionally.

Twilight Courses with Online Learning

Full-Day Courses for INSET days

Training for Special Schools

VIDEO: Example of our online training content

Positive Handling Video Overview with Slides from our Course:

VIDEO: De-Escalation by Redirecting Behaviour with Words

Positive Handling Video:  Redirecting Behaviour with Words

VIDEO: The Persuasion Sequence for Dealing with Resistant Behaviour

Positive Handling Video:  the Persuasion Sequence for Gaining Compliance or Cooperation

VIDEO: How many people to train at your school?

Positive Handling Video:  How many staff to train?

VIDEO: The 6 Scenarios for Positive Handling or Restraint

Positive Handling Video:  The Six Scenarios we encounter in schools

Take a look at our feedback survey scores over the past year!

  • The training course from Dynamis fulfilled or exceeded expectations 99.6% 99.6%
  • Our instructor from Dynamis had a very good or excellent level of knowledge and competence 98.2% 98.2%
  • The theory and knowledge components helped me professionally 98.9% 98.9%
  • The techniques and tactics were appropriate to real scenarios in our work 98.6% 98.6%
  • Our Dynamis trainer observed good Health and Safety practices - the training was safe 100% 100%
  • The Dynamis training course was of the right duration to gain the skills and knowledge I needed 91.2% 91.2%

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