December 11, 2017

December 11, 2017


Conflict management for dealing with parents

School Staff and Management often have difficult conversations with parents.  At Dynamis our training team has been helping schools who want to make those conversations more productive and less stressful.

Whether offering advice about behaviour management in the home, or about safeguarding issues which have come to light, or last-ditch efforts to help a child to settle into school and engage with learning, there are moments where experience with difficult conversations counts and conflict management skills matter.

This course has been crafted in cooperation with school staff to explore concrete methods of opening sensitive conversations, deal with verbal intimidation or heightened tension, lay the ground for persuasive discussions and to make sure that parents feel listened to, even in the most difficult of circumstances.


– Communication Values:  what values shall we uphold and protect as we have these difficult conversations?

– Emotional Equilibrium:  how to get ready for the interaction and stay responsive (not reactive) during difficult moments

– Initial Contact:  how to open a conversation in a way which is non-escalatory

– When things turn sour:  how to stay on-track and not get caught up in a tangle of insinuation, blaming or naming

– Their turn:  how to ensure that the parent(s) feel that you are listening and taking their point of view into consideration

– Your turn:  how to interrupt in the most positive way possible and make progress

– Persuasion:  how to use a step-by-step process of gaining their voluntary collaboration, cooperation or compliance

– When Words Aren’t Working:  for those situations when you may need to prioritise safety over resolution

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Conflict Success Dealing with Parents

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