June 19, 2024

June 19, 2024

How to manage pupils’ behaviours of concern is a key challenge for every school.


School staff typically have a good understanding of their school’s local context and drivers of challenging behaviours that stem from that context. But do external training providers share this understanding? And what about staff who may be expatriates or new to working in the International School sector?


How can schools be sure that the training they procure is going to address their community’s unique needs and effectively prepare and support staff?


Reflecting on their experiences of conducting training in the vibrant United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dynamis suggests schools pose these questions during the procurement process to evaluate offers from various conflict management training companies.


What evidence can the training company provide to demonstrate understanding of the unique cultural heritage of the people and community the school serves?


The UAE is a diverse society that blends traditional and modern values. This dynamic environment significantly shapes the behaviours and attitudes of students in schools. Dynamis recognises the impact of these societal influences and has developed its training programmes to incorporate an understanding of local culture and societal norms. As a result, staff have better understanding of students’ actions and the ability to respond to behaviours of concern with respect for students’ cultural backgrounds.


Does the training provider demonstrate understanding of the relevant penal code applicable to the school? Can they evidence this?


In the UAE, Dynamis weaves the country’s penal code into its training curriculum. This integration equips educators with a crucial understanding of the legal implications of their actions and those of their students. In the serious cases where behavioural issues could have legal implications, this knowledge is invaluable. It ensures that methods used to handle behaviours of concern are not only effective but also in compliance with the law.


What evidence is there that the training company understands the labour laws that apply to the school?


Labour laws in the UAE form an integral part of Dynamis training, especially for educators who are expatriates. The training program ensures that these educators are well-versed in their rights and responsibilities under UAE labour laws. This knowledge empowers them to navigate difficult situations lawfully, safeguarding both their interests and those of their students.


What training format is the provider proposing? Is the balance of theory to practice such that the training will effectively prepare staff for the real-life conflict situations they may face?


Dynamis know that teaching people to deal with conflict effectively requires comprehensive, scenario-driven training. The scenario-driven approach emphasises the repeated practise of strategies and techniques to deal efficiently with all levels of conflict. Theory and legislative aspects are woven throughout the training experience. This focus on engaging, practical application ensures that training has a tangible, positive impact on improving the handling of behaviours of concern in schools.


If you want to find out more about Dynamis’ unique, locally-grounded approach to dealing with behaviours of concern in schools, contact us.


We will work with you to develop an engaging, efficient training experience that reflects your local context and gives staff a comprehensive understanding of this context. The result? Staff who can effectively and appropriately manage disruptive, risky and extreme situations using appropriate positive handling strategies.


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