December 5, 2013

December 5, 2013

“I feel empowered to challenge decisions on policy changes that do not fit into present laws.  I feel confident that I will be able to make an informed and ‘safe’ decision on how to restrain a person safely and confidently.”


“Very helpful and better than what I had been taught previously.”


“I have not done a course like this before and I felt that it was very well explained and demonstrated.  Definitely beneficial.”


“Really clear and easier to follow than previous training by other organisation – safer too!”

“Todays course has provided me with an understanding of the laws relevant to positive handling and increased my confidence in the use of positive strategies”


“Very well delivered – simple and effective.”


“Feel much more confident in my position within the law and my ability to protect myself and those around me.  Thank you, thoroughly enjoyed my day!”


“A very good course – liked the technique that was applied and the knowledge given.”


“The course was covered to all key stages of 1 & 2.  All differentiation was shown in all ages of children.  Well done!”


“Well explained – covered all aspects. The holds were well demonstrated with plenty of time allowed to practise them in slow motion.”


“Very clear demonstration of the steps and there was good time allocated to practice the different holds”


“It was good to have everything made clear to everyone and that it was kept so simple.”


“Very clear delivery of information combined with practical examples have left me feeling confident should restraint ever be necessary.”


“Very clear comprehensive guidance.”


“Very professional trainers, clearly delivered sessions.  I feel very confident to use the techniques and know the legalities surrounding them”


We continue to receive training requests from Primary and Secondary schools around the country, bringing the new 2012 Department of Education guidance to school staff in a way which is relevant to their work, their environment and the challenges that they face in dealing with pupil behaviour.


Dynamis provides a specific education-focussed one-day (or half-day) training in the issues involved in use-of-force in a school setting, which reflects government guidance on this area, clarifies the rules involved for teachers, and offers management teams a position of knowledge from which to make good decisions about managing violence and aggressive incidents and their aftermath.

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