October 15

Non-Escalation and De-escalation Training at Trainer-level for Schools

We are delighted to announce that Vistelar Conflict Management Train-the-Trainer will be coming to the UK in December this year!

This five-day conflict management trainer course certifies individuals as instructors for Vistelar’s Conflict Management for Contact Professionals training programme, so they are authorised to teach this program within their organization.

This conflict management trainer course covers important aspects of conflict management: non-escalation (conflict prevention), de-escalation and crisis intervention tactics — but not physical alternative tactics (control, stabilisation, non-lethal/lethal weapons). The training is focused on how to identify, manage and resolve conflict at the point of impact — the short period of time when a disagreement or insult can escalate to conflict and on into emotional and/or physical violence.

Like all Vistelar’s courses, this conflict management trainer course is taught from the perspective of the entire spectrum of human conflict (Vistelar’s “6 Cs” : Context, Contact, Conflict, Crisis, Combat and Closure) and is easily integrated into existing training and policies/procedures of an organisation.

Another focus on Vistelar’s training is to teach “how to look professional on camera no matter how the situation ends up.” In the current video-centric world, it is now critical that “contact professionals” know how to ensure their actions (non-verbal, verbal, physical) aren’t misrepresented when viewed on camera and that their incident report matches the video record.

The conflict management trainer course uses a “fire drill vs. fire talk” approach to training to ensure students develop the knowledge, skill and ability to manage real conflict in the real world. Class time emphasises student interaction, scenario-based skill practice (using a proprietary video recording/review technology), analysis of real-life events captured on video and memorable stories (“peace stories”).

This conflict management trainer course is designed for all “Conflict Professionals” across 16 different market segments in law enforcement, corrections, healthcare (patient care and security), education, security and loss prevention, public transit, EMS/fire, utilities, customer service and the military — and is taught by professional trainers with extensive law enforcement backgrounds.

Our BLENDED learning format provides each participant access to an online pre-work program, a student workbook, an instructor binder and, following class, access to an online instructor-resource website. Participants leave the conflict management trainer course fully-prepared to teach Verbal Defense & Influence within their organisations.

To learn more about this conflict management trainer course, please visit:  http://vistelarcollege.com/events/conflict-management-for-contact-professionals-london-uk/

To learn about Vistelar in the UK (since 2014), please visit our page:  www.dynamis.training/vistelar


behaviour management, challenging behaviour, de-escalation, verbalisation skills

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