October 14

SEN Classroom Management – because you have a respectful language, the community is safer to work in

“Hi, my name is Katie Dill, and I am a special education teacher from Winnebago School District in Northern Illinois. I chose Vistelar as a teacher in the educational field because this is “how we do things”. In the professional field we know that we often get told we just have to respond. We have to do these things. We have to provide good classroom management, a good society within our schools, but we never get told the how, the step by step. And this really breaks it down so that we can really provide that Classroom Management to our students, and to the community that we serve.

Some of the outcomes that I’ve seen since implementing VDI into the classroom is really the classroom management part. And by that I mean that you’re able to provide a safe learning environment for the students that you’re with. You’re able to provide them with steps in order to understand how your classroom is ran, and you also start to get where they start managing that behavior themselves, so that they then use your modeling behavior for VDI into their regular lives.

This training is important for teachers in the profession because this is not only going to help you professionally in a classroom to have less stress, you’re going to be able to teach more in your classroom. As we know, a lot of our outcomes are based on the assessments of professionals and the information that we give to the teachers. With having a classroom that’s a safe environment where the kids are ready to learn, they understand their expectations, they have social contracts to be able to follow, they can learn more, so you’re getting more of that educational piece into the student. But also, for your regular day to day life, there’s not as much stress on you because you’re not going from constantly battling to achieve Classroom Management, constantly battling within your other coworkers or your administration, because you have a respectful language, the community is safer to work in, and you just feel better as an overall person.”

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Dynamis Positive Handling Strategies for High-Risk Behaviour Management:  www.positivehandling.co.uk

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