September 7, 2018

September 7, 2018

Restraint Interventions and Handling for Schools in Ireland – Feedback from 2018 courses.

Our team visited a number of schools in Ireland at the end of August to deliver tailored and customised Positive Handling training, localised for the legal issues and considerations of Irish class teachers and special needs assistants.

Here are a selection of the comments we received through our online feedback survey of the teams:

“It would be important for any school where physical restraint is necessary to do this course. Staff need to be familiar with the information and techniques outlined in this course.”

– Principal, Primary School, Co. Meath, Ireland

“The course was helpful and informative.”

– Primary School S.N.A. – Co. Wicklow, Ireland

“I think the course should be delivered to all school staff and price supplemented by dept of Education. Thank you for excellent presentation and delivery of this course.”

– Primary School S.N.A. – Co. Wicklow, Ireland

“It is always good to know the correct procedure for the health & safety of everyone.”

– Primary School S.N.A, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

“I thought the training was very beneficial and most relevant to our profession.”

– Primary School Class Teacher, Co. Meath, Ireland

“Competent leader, great techniques. All teachers should avail of this training for ones health and safety needs and that of pupils and staff”

– Primary School Class Teacher, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

“Very interesting course. Very beneficial and excellent ideas. Learnt a lot.”
– Primary School Class Teacher, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

For more information on our Positive Handling  / Restraint / Physical Intervention courses for organisations in Ireland, please visit the dedicated webpage.

Restraint Training for Schools in Ireland

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