June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Classroom Conflict:  Listening Skills for the De-Escalation of a Distressed Child

There is a process to proper listening during Classroom Conflict .   When dealing with a distressed, upset or frustrated child, listening has a purpose and a goal which goes beyond simply hearing the words.  In our methodology, we use listening as a way to gather information which the child is giving us about the best way to manage them through their worst moments.   Truly listening is a process of taking information in, understanding it from the other person’s perspective, checking that understanding and then acting on a shared vision of the issue at hand.

Here is a video about a process which we call “Beyond Active Listening” which happens during the de-escalation phase of managing Classroom Conflict.



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Gerard O’Dea provides tailored Positive Handling and Classroom Conflict training courses for schools and education services providers around the UK, so that children and staff are treated with dignity and shown respect, even in their most difficult moments.  Combining respectful verbalisation skills with last-resort physical alternatives has been his specialty for over ten years as director of training for Dynamis [ www.positivehandling.co.uk ]

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