May 25

Feedback: absolutely applicable to the demands of a primary school

Dersingham primary school
Nursery Nurse
Our instructor very knowledgeable and was happy to answer all questions and discuss any scenario that we brought up. Plus he had a good sense of humour and was very patient.

Westlands community primary school
Senco and assistant Headteacher
The trainer was really good at assessing the needs of the group. All questions, no matter how hard, we’re discussed and solutions found.

Woodloes Primary
Teaching Assistant
Heidi had great knowledge, was very informative and gave us lots of support to ensure we were happy with what we were learning, comfortable and ensured that it was helpful for possible scenarios at school.

Milford On Sea Primary School
The online and practical element was great, so we could fit it into a school day. The instructor tailored the training to our brief and setting.

Fox Primary School
I have come away feeling extremely confident on being able to help the children that I work with to be kept safe if I had to use positive handling


behaviour management, challenging behaviour, classroom, physical intervention in school, restraint in schools

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