May 19

Feedback: Clear and Concise


Feedback from Special Schools on Positive Handling Training

Teacher, The Centre School

Gerard was an excellent trainer, tailoring the course specifically to our needs in a special school. He was very friendly, funny and made myself and everyone feel very much at ease and comfortable with the tasks set.

Head of Outreach – Tunmarsh School – Newham PRUs

Very informative, thought-provoking and enjoyable. Key principles were strongly conveyed and reinforced. This has offered me a fresh awareness and a new insight into potential hazards that could exist for a lone worker.

Head Teacher – Talbot House Trust

Excellent knowledge and style of training. Immediately the training started with, ‘what sort of situations would we be in’ this meant that we could relate the training to suite some of the incidents we have in school. Both trainers were clear and concise. It reassured us that what we are doing is the right thing, but gave us the tools to handle some of the incidents we come across more efficiently

SENCo – Talbot House Trust

The whole ‘package’ of training was excellent, and was better than previous similar training I have received.


Feedback on Positive Handling Training

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