May 25, 2020

May 25, 2020

Take a Tour of Our Online Positive Handling Training Course

We have provided hundreds of schools across the country with the option to train their staff using online technology and learning systems, since 2014.  Having built up a lot of experience with how to deliver training using our own unique implementation of the powerful Moodle online training platform, we are confident that we can help your staff to learn how to Keep Everyone Safe with Online Positive Handling training from Dynamis.

Here is our Director of Training, Gerard O’Dea taking you through a tour of our online training system and its features.

Modules for Self-Paced Study in Positive Handling

The online courseware, designed and developed by our training team exclusively for our clients, makes efficient use of staff time and takes them through at least four units of learning:

  • Understanding Crisis Behaviour
  • Understanding Duty of Care
  • Government Guidance and Legislation
  • Understanding Reasonable Force

We also have a module which covers the most frequently asked questions which we have faced in the in-person trainings we have delivered in schools since 2006, such as:

  1. Can we lift and carry a child from one place to another?
  2. What should we do when we encounter two children who are fighting?
  3. What to do if we have a ‘Runner’?
  4. What are the alternatives if I need to restrain a child by myself?

Using a series of engaging video presentations which combine our unique visual aids and top-tips from experts, your team follow a tried-and trusted pathway of learning.

Often staff want to know how to balance their duty of care to themselves and to the children. There are often staff shortages which create challenges when trying to deal with a situation safely with a child who is distressed and requires a physical intervention to keep them safe. At other times, the physical environment – bookcases, desks, chairs and open corridors – provide specific challenges to staff and our training will help them to use a decision-making framework to choose the best options, get the best outcomes.

Features of our Online training course in positive handling:

  • Video presentations by expert instructors
  • Transcripts available for further study (and learners who prefer to read!)
  • Content has been Audited by a qualified Expert Witness
  • Techniques have been Medically risk assessed for work with children
  • Self-Paced learning at the staff own pace
  • Modularised so that staff can learn when they have time
  • Quizes score achievement and point to areas needing more focus
  • All reports auditable and trackable for training history

Some of the benefits of online positive handling training are:

  • staff can learn at their own pace, re-covering material until they feel they understand it properly
  • staff can learn in their own time, when they can focus on it in the best way
  • staff can use their quiz scores to determine which areas they need our additional help with
  • schools can maximise their use of resources in becoming compliant
  • schools can reduce the need to bring in trainers (such as during the Covid restrictions)

So, if you are looking to achieve compliance for your school and an Online Positive Handling course is the right fit for your needs at the moment, then it may be time to get in touch to talk about training!


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