September 6, 2014

September 6, 2014

Our teams taught several hundred staff in the first week of September this year during the very busy INSET training period just before the beginning of the new school year!

Below is a selection of the excellent feedback we garnered from teams all over England as we took Dynamis training to their schools:

Very thorough, well explained.  The practical was excellent and the theory work beforehand was really good too!  Many thanks!


Instructors were always in evidence to redirect anyone not quite sure. 10/10 in all areas!


Good course.  Excellent instructors with a clear lesson plan.  Very informative and very useful. Thanks.


Thank you, I now feel I have more confidence to make judgements about situations and how to act effectively and safely.


The course was very useful and well explained.  I gained lots of skills and knowledge.


Fab training.  Very informative and relevant to our practice. Full marks!


Good course with lots of relevant information.  Exceeded expectations.


2nd time doing the course with Dynamis.  First time was a more intense full-day course but it was good to refresh today.


Really enjoyable training, nice mix of theory and practical.  Fulfilled my expectations.


A very useful and informative training day and it was made relevant for younger children.   Photos were helpful, thanks.


Very informative and good balance of theory and practical.


Very well delivered.  Sufficient time for questions.  Enjoyed the training, thank you!


Instructor was very thorough and explained things clearly, demonstrated well and safely.


You gave us enough time to practice and feel comfortable with the techniques.  Clear and effective demonstrations.


Clear, constructive and valuable information!


Excellent that there were so FEW restraint moves – simple to learn.


Very well explained and easy to understand.   Helpful staff and demonstrations.


It was a good course, very informative.Hopefully I’ll never need to use restraint, but good to know how to do it safely.


Not too much content – lots of good repetition and a gradual build up allowing for confidence and practice and consolidation.  Good humour and great modelling!!  Thanks.


Not too complicated.  Very relevant to size of children.


Very helpful and practical skills which can be employed safely and effectively.


The instructors listened to delegates questions about current practice and answered all queries helpfully.  Brilliant!


After completing an intensive Dynamis course 2 years ago we have not had to use restraint holds as much!


We were given plenty of time to practice and ask questions at each stage – very calm and excellent instruction.  Excellent.

If you would like us to visit with you to train your team how to reduce restraints where possible while carrying out restraint with dignity when necessary, then please visit our website or by calling our team on 0844 812 9795

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