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April 13, 2015

April 13, 2015

I found all aspects of the course interesting and useful. I would have liked to have more time going over using the techniques in different situations, however I appreciate that this is not really possible in the time. I would love to further develop my knowledge and skills by completing further training, maybe on a two day course. I found the mix of theory and practical worked well and it was presented in a way that was engaging and maintained my attention! Thank you

SENCO, Bedfordshire, April 2015

Appropriate real-life scenarios used to underpin theory. Reference to guidance on Early Intervention particularly useful for those of us dealing with particularly vulnerable children with known behaviour traits. Identifying areas that need to be addressed e.g.Individual pupil risk assessments to be carried out by mainstream schools. A generic risk assessment which will set out behaviour strategies and the possible use of positive handling. Effective use of demonstration highlighting appropriate restraint and also possible consequences of inappropriate body use or holds e.g danger to self by being too close or strain put on muscles by tensing shoulders etc. Thanks theses were all particularly useful!

Nurture Group Manager, Liverpool, April 2015

Really enjoyed the training, it is good to know all staff have gained a knowledge of theory and techniques that we will find useful in our role as chilcare workers, thank you

Children ‘s Services and Care Manager, Glasgow, April 2015

Really good training demonstrated by Gered O’Dea. The course make you more aware of any risks and also makes you look at how you would respond.

Teaching Assistant, East Sussex, April 2015

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