March 10, 2015

March 10, 2015

The course was very useful as I now feel able to confidently manage situations where I may have to restrain a pupil, whereas before I felt reluctant to do so as I was concerned that I may injure myself or the pupil. In addition, the theory was very interesting as it helped me to think about when to restrain and when to contain. 

SENco, London, March 2015


Teacher, Essex, March 2015 (BOLD type kept as written!)

The context part at the beginning of the session was very valuable to set the scene and also ensured the message was loud and clear. You have made me consider the health and safety of staff, and the level of priority I place on this in comparison with the children. Some examples of risk assessments for handling children may be useful, particularly for schools that don’t already have these in place. Very valuable training, would be useful for the whole staff team.

Head of School, Cambridgeshire, March 2015

I was very impressed with the whole training. We learnt enough about the law and how it protects students, us and our employers duties. The scenarios were eye opening and the fact Gerard used true events was at times quite shocking. He answered all our questions with usable solutions and was honest that sometimes there is no easy answer. Though the course was aimed at primary aged children and their carers, I learnt so much about diffusing situations, and would be willing to try if the occasion should arise. 100% impressed!

Senior House Parent,  Harlow, March 2015

Gerard clearly had good knowledge of the subject and was able to demonstrate and explain things effectively. It was particularly helpful that he asked specifics about our school and the children we work with and could then tailor the training slightly towards our needs. Thank you very much!

Assistant Head Teacher, Bedfordshire, March 2015

Looking at the use of force from the Health and Safety at Work perspective was very helpful and clarified the position for schools which is very opaque. it has changed my views quite significantly which is highly developmental. Thank you an excellent course

Head of College, Hertfordshire, March 2015

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