September 27, 2016

September 27, 2016

Positive Handling Law Issues during training  – it is not all physical.

“I was pleased that it wasn’t all physical and loved the fact that we were taught a lot about the law and when and how to protect ourselves with it. I have already managed to put some things and suggestion into place at my current work place due to it and hopefully we can all benefit. Brilliant course and I think all teachers and TA’s should do it.”

One-on-One Teaching Assistant – Warwick – July 2016


Gerard O’Dea provides tailored Positive Handling and Classroom Conflict training courses for schools and education services providers around the UK, so that children and staff are treated with dignity and shown respect, even in their most difficult moments.  His sessions always include a comprehensive and immediately useful briefing about Positive Handling Law.  Combining respectful verbalisation skills with last-resort physical alternatives has been his specialty for over ten years as director of training for Dynamis [ ]

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