October 21

Processes Protect People – after the Positive Handling Incident

Safeguarding Employees After Incidents

How Proper Post-Incident Processes can Protect your People

David Blocksidge, Expert on Witness Error and Trauma:

“What we’ve tried to do is incorporate what we’ve learned – and what’s known – from critical-incident training and post-incident training, with regards to how an affected individual may have reacted during the event, what their expectation should be about justifying their actions within the event through memory, and then provide statement writing support – what could be provided to help professionally manage those immediate hours after the event, by training an organisation’s management and supervisory team to support them.

And then longer term we look at how that event may play out through legal process. But again, having in place some support mechanisms through peer-to-peer training.

On the training course, we will be looking at raising people’s awareness around memory, stress, acute stress, how that can impact upon retrieval, and some simple ways of supporting the witness and writing better evidence. We would be looking to achieve more detail in quality, not so much focused on quantity. Getting a good, tight, accurate account to protect their position legally would be the focus.

From that point then the focus of the course is informing people about the long-term negative potential consequences for the team and it’s individuals of having experienced a traumatic event. One of the key issues here is the potential lack of support that perhaps the organisation is going to give, due to a lack of awareness or of resource. Just making people more aware, and raising awareness of the reality of what can happen is a huge benefit of this course.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that teams get from this training course, is to have some trained people available within your organisation, that should one of these events happen, they would be the immediate go-to people that can support staff within these sorts of employments.”

For more information about this training course:  http://www.dynamis.training/safeguarding-employees-after-incidents/


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