May 14, 2018

May 14, 2018

Drunk Mum Banned From School After Biting A Teacher

A mum who bit her child’s teacher after arriving at the school drunk has been given a restraining order banning her from the school grounds.

Kelly Kociela, 32, from Bristol, tried to push her way into Filton Avenue Junior and Infant School, in Horfield, Bristol at around 6pm on October 24. She was held back by teachers because she was drunk, and bit teacher Matthew Cox’s arm.

Bristol Magistrates Court heard that the drunken mum arrived at the school ‘distressed and slurring’ and bit Mr Cox’s arm after he blocked her from going into the after-school club her children had been attending.

Kociela – who had polished off four pints of Stella and four rum and cokes – told head teacher Rachel Thomas she would ‘batter her’ unless she was given her children who were inside.

Read the full story here on Huffpost

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