February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015

Below are some comments from Education professionals who have experienced our Positive Handling courses in the early part of 2015.  We are very grateful for their support and their testimonials.

Very useful course, I have used part of it today when approaching a child who had exited themselves from the classroom I used the greeting and affirmation of who I was. 

Head of School, Feb 2015

Gerard was excellent and I really found it interesting. I would recommend all staff at schools to attend this training. Thank you!

Learning Support Assistant, Feb 2015

Exceptional course very enlightening

Learning Support Assistant, Feb 2015

I found the whole day informative and very useful. It was obvious that Gerard knew his stuff and delivered the training in a very safe way.  The legal information was great and I loved the 5 step persuasive techniques! Lots to put into place in School. Thank you

Head of School, Feb 2015

Very useful to hear about the legal side of restraining children. Good to practise holds and experience what they are like.

Class Teacher Feb 2015

The course was great and made me feel I could apply the taught techniques if needed. Gerard ensured we were all safe when we had to perform a hold and completing the techniques safely and correctly. I also enjoyed techniques we focused on about body language and the process to go through (5 steps) before having to perform a hold. Thank you Gerard.

Assistant Head Teacher, Feb 2015

It was very well delivered and appropriate to my job

Student Welfare Officer, Feb 2015

Confidence in using reasonable force. Techniques and language to employ so that you use restraint as a last resort.

Executive Headteacher, Feb 2015

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